Kemp Bros. Body Shope used water based paints.

We Use Water Based Paints

At Kemp Bros. Body Shop Inc., we're committed to quality work and that means keeping up with what's going on in our industry. We transitioned to waterborne paints for reasons beyond just environmental conscience; the technology has proven to improve the finish of your automobile. Thankfully, there are some collision repair shops taking a lead role in environmental responsibility by switching from harmful solvents to waterborne coatings.

Learn more about the benefits of waterborne paints


Convenient, non-stir toners

Anti-settle tint technology assures toner stability and long shelf-life

High-opacity toners

Easy to apply and blend

Excellent color match

Better paint adhesion to primers

Less coats required to achieve full coverage

Ideal for:

Quality-minded shops

Well-equipped shops

High-opacity toners

Multiple booths/prep stations

Shops employing top-notch painters

With today’s automobiles, it’s important that your body shop be certified to repair your type of vehicle using the best products available.